The Memorial

In 2000 local veterans and their families wanted to pay
homage to all United States veterans who served in the
Vietnam Era (from approximately 1959-1975), regardless
of where they were stationed. It's taken eight years for this
memorialto start as a dream and turn into reality.

Aloft on its pedestal is the most recognized helicopter type in the world the Bell UH-1, better known as the "Huey." Thousands of lives were literally saved because of the dependability of the Huey and bravery of her crews. It stands as a humanitarian symbol that brought compassion and lifesaving during this time in our history.

The center plaza of the park forms the "Shou" symbol meaning "long life" or "longevity" in Asian culture. In the middle of the "Shou" symbol, as on the side of the Huey, is a red cross which is the Western symbol for medical attention or mercy. The Red Cross sign often indicates helicopter-landing pads for life-flight helicopters. Here, it marks the landing pad for the suspended Huey in its approach landing formation.

Another area of the memorial suggests Vietnam and its rural agricultural rice paddies using plant materials that include bamboo, pines and palm. You'll also see the Buddhist bell, above which is the inscription in Vietnamese: "Believe in Peace."

The land for the memorial was donated while Canby citizens and businesses chipped in with fundraisers. Funds are still needed to complete the veterans memorial with plans for a life-sized bronze statue to be placed at the edge of the landing pad.

The memorial has also received the Blue Star Memorial Marker. These markers were first erected in 1944 by the National Council of State Garden Clubs to honor those who served in the armed forces.